Lucy L. is teaching a class on this Table Runner on October 16, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. The class fee is $20.00. Supplies are not included in the class fee. Class will last most of the day so feel free to bring your lunch. Hope to see you in class! Happy sewing!


Here’s a picture of the quilt Arlinda made with our remnants.

Stitch-N-Frame will be hosting a Floriani Even on Friday September 14th and Saturday September 15th. Free lunch and approximately $500 worth of Floriani merchandise including stabilizer and thread will be given to each participant. The registration fee is only $30. For more information visit the following link*/*/10091

Lucy’s casserole carrier class was a huge success. In attendance was Kathleen, Dale, Susan, Lennie and myself. Dale chose to use Christmas fabric. She chose a nice white and green print with poinsettia and a solid green. Susan chose a fabric in autumn colors with a vegetable print. Lennie chose a nice oriental print in light green with pink bamboo. I chose University of Florida fabric that was mainly blue with some orange. We stopped for a break at noon and went to the local convenience store for a bite to eat. Then returned to class to continue working on our projects.

There was a nice sized class last Friday that worked on the Nancy Halvorson Christmas Quilt. Debbie M. taught. Only a couple of ladies were camera-shy but most of them where excited when I told them that I’m starting a blog about our classes. I have attached several pictures of the class. The ladies are tracing outlines of the reindeer for the first block of the quilt.

This is my very first blog. I hope to get people excited about quilting and sewing. I started going to quilting class for the first time several weeks ago. I wound up getting a job at the store where I was taking the classes.  Now I’m starting this blog to tell people that Stitch-N-Frame is a great place to get advice or companionship while you work on your sewing project. Anybody that has anything to say about sewing and quilting feel free to jump right in. Please visit or website at Maybe I’ll see you in class 🙂